Monday, August 26, 2013


When is a book done? That's easy. Never. I'm still filtering through Lambeau Leap, finding sentences that displease me and making them more pleasing, adding fun and puns and jolly scenes designed to inform and please the reader. At some point I'll let it go and move on to another project such as going through Pony Girl, finding and improving sentences and scenes that displease me. Or I may go back to DIEreland, or Death by Corvette, or any number of the many trunk books sitting in the corner gathering dust. There's a couple of poetry books that I think on now and then. Or I could start a new book, plow through a first draft, crunch out a second draft, drag a third draft down a few revisions until a bunch of the rough edges are ground off by contact with skillful, articulate, insightful, helpful, willing advance readers. Whatever the path, I know the book will never be done, even if it gets published for the wider world to see.

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