Friday, August 30, 2013


A "fella" called Monday. Said Savage Press came highly recommended. He wanted to publish a book about his Mob experiences and then as an FBI informant. He had a good rap so I asked him if he had a manuscript. "No." I asked if he wrote. "No." When he asked me if he could be prosecuted for revealing facts about a murder the phrase, "No statute of limitations on murder" popped into my head. The entire conversation got too long and too fraught with questions so I directed him elsewhere. He called back Tuesday and we went through the same song and dance. Him pitching (pushily) his story. Me being practical and suspicious. Practical: "You have no manuscript." Suspicious: "Is this guy for real?" If half of what he said is true, it could be a blockbuster type kiss-n-tell, sorta True Crime type book. But the whole hyperventilated conversation was too much, too soon, too "good" to be true, so I declined again. Did I pass on a bestseller? What would you have done?


newwaytowrite said...

I would of ask him to call his lawyer.

newwaytowrite said...

Clearly the previous comment was a crap sentence. No pun intended. I would of told him to call his lawyer.