Friday, May 30, 2008

Readers Are Leaders

Saw the slogan "Readers Are Leaders" on the side of a Levy Distributing truck a few years back and have been using it off and on for various reasons and in various ways ever since. Thougt of it this morning again when speaking with a woman who said, "I don't own a Television. All I do is read." And guess what? She's manages a business. Now, I suppose there are a lot of leaders who don't read, but I'm guessing that there are more who do. If you have the option of watching TV this weekend or reading, try reading. Who knows where such a choice might lead. You may become President some day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Building Subscribers List/Going Viral

Hey All:

Here's some news about Savage Press.
Last week nine new subscribers joined the SPI Blog.
Would you be willing to get one friend to successfully subscribe to the SPI blog this week?
It would be a great thing to keep adding new subscribers weekly. Hopefully there is sufficiently fascinating content to keep people interested. We'll do our part.
Here's some additional SPI information:

1.) So far this year March was the most active month for Individual Book Visits to the SPI website. There were a total of 654 individual book visits in March.
2.) Last week there were 715 individual website pages viewed.
3.) On average people are viewing 35 "unique titles" weekly.

Seven unique book views a day is not viral by any means, but it is good, solid, consistent visitation to the range of titles offered. Battle Notes: Music of the Vietnam War is the most visited. With baseball season starting up Off Season and The Year of the Buffalo Marshall Cook's baseball novels are getting solid unique visits as well. Cook's Hometown Wisconsin is also getting looked at regularly.

If you are an SPI author and want to "encourage" your friends to promote your title by visiting the site, it would do wonders to increase your book's "visibility" on the net.

I'll always remember with fondness the advice given to me by the wise John Kuderle who was the SPI book buyer at Bookmen in Minneapolis. I asked him what was the best way to sell books, he answered dryly, "Mike, there are three rules to selling books. They are: One. Promotion. Two. Promotion. And, three. Promotion."

If everyone in the Savage Press family does one little thing daily to promote titles and the site, eventually we'll go viral and we would have to see how that fits us. Nicely, I presume. It would fit us all nicely, I'm sure.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kat's Magic Bubble Mailing

Hey all, we're putting together a direct mail piece for Kat's Magic Bubble to be sent out in a couple of weeks. We're offering a "Buy One/Get One Free" coupon so there's a book bargain in the deal for some folks. We've got a nice long list of hospitals, pediatric units, and churches as our target customers. Would you be willing to submit potential "customers" to whom we can send our sales packet? Thanks tons.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Last Spartan "sold out" at B&N Greensboro

Word from Greensboro NC is that John F. Saunders' book, The Last Spartan has sold out at the Barnes & Noble in The Friendly Center. AWESOME!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Jay Ford Thurston (I love that middle name), author of Following in the Footsteps of Ernest Hemingway and Out of the Rainbow just sent an email saying that the Vernon County Broadcaster the local newspaper there in Viroqua, Wisconsin, is featuring FIVE articles about him and his partner Mike Kinziger's attempt to break their own record paddling the entire length of the Wisconsin River that they set 25 years ago when Jay was just a spring chicken of 50-years-old!

Check it out at

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SPARTAN Buzz Building

Tis nice indeed to see a plan come together. John F. Saunders' new book, The Last Spartan is getting some good advance notice and some downright excellent exposure in the Greensboro, NC media. He recently wrote to say that the host of the widely acclaimed Murphy in the Morning drive-time radio talk show read the book and loved it. John is scheduled to be a guest on the talk show on June 12th, the morning before the national book launch at the Barnes & Noble store at the Friendly Center in Greensboro.

If you would please pass this on, maybe The Last Spartan has a chance to go viral and end up as a movie with The Rock playing Frank Kane.

Pass it on, please.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Luella by Melinda Braun got a nice review in Mankato State's review periodical, The Corresponder. Reviewer Teresa Bolstadt said, "Braun's watercolor and ink illustrations are sure to keep a child's attention with their elaborate details and often humorous depictions. The text is easy to follow and would make a great read aloud bedtime story.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Children's Book Week

It is Children's Book Week from May 12 through May 18. Would you be willing to do something for our favorite children's books, "Luella" and "Kat's Magic Bubble" Tell a friend or two to buy either of these awesome books. Both these books richly reward the reader.

Learn more about CBW at:

See Kat's Magic Bubble at:

See Luella at:

If you want to forward these URLs to all your friends and ask them to do the same, maybe they'll go all viral on us and let the web world know about two fantastic books.