Monday, April 30, 2007


It's always sad for me when an author's book doesn't get the kind of notice in the mainstream press that it deserves. But, as I've been taught lately, "deserves" can be a violent word. Every book and author deserves notice simply because it was written and the author is (more or less) a human being of equal worth and dignity. Trouble is, the mainstream (the stream that is main) can only hold so much water flowing within its banks. It always feels like loss to me when we try to get a book noticed and an editor or reviewer doesn't take notice.

So, "What's a mother (a publisher or author) to do?" We can let Calgon take us away, or we can keep on trying to get the baby noticed as best we can.

The best notice is word of mouth. Oprah has only so many shows a week. USA Today only has about 20 or so reviews a month. Entertainment Weekly usually runs only ten or so notices an issue. These mainstream venues for giving recognition to books can only carry so much capacity. Yes, I know the Internet is supposed to be the big answer to capacity, but SPAM doesn't work and there's only so much time for your "audience" to surf and find our titles.

So, the "big" venues are more-or-less unavailable to small publishers and authors. Again, "What's a mother to do?" Ask the readers and supporters you have to talk your title up. I do this in nearly every email I send out to customers who have bought an SPI book through the site.
I say, (in essence) "We're small but we're awesome and we need your help to spread the word about this good book you just bought. Please tell your friends and family, and even perfect stranges, about the book, the author and the company. We are grateful for your purchase and for any notice you can give the title."

I read recently where Proctor & Gamble is paying people to do word of mouth promotion over the Internet. Would to God we had that kind of kaching in the PR budget. In the meantime, we're walkin' the talk and talkin' the walk for every book on the list.

Wanna help? Just mention one of our titles or authors to someone today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...and...THANKS!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Savage Press Inc. SPI blog - Coming Soon!

This text will soon be replaced with words of wisdom from someone infinitely more wise than me, ....or I?