Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Take a look at Kathy Kerchner's fantastic website at The author of SoundBites: A Business Guide for Working with the Media (Revised 2nd Edition), Kathy has an awesome blog and some outstanding advice for anyone needing to know about media relations.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kat's Magic Bubble "DONATION" Flyer successful

The flyer promoting Kat's Magic Bubble by Jeff Lower and illustrated by Pegi Ballenger is returning some results. SMDC Hospital in Duluth ordered three books for their Grief Support Library. If you know of anyone in a hospital or church setting that might be able to use KMB in their ministry, let us know.

Also, we're starting to put together a promotional packet for Luella, to make the ducky little book known for Christmas. We're thinking of mailing out something duck-like and/or pug-like with some sample pages of Mindy's great art, or...? Any suggestions? We're also discussing target audience. My suggestion of Duck's Unlimited members, got limited enthusiasm. Any suggestions for a target audience that does not include ducks as the target would be welcome.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Spartan Buzz Pays Off

John Saunder's book signing at the Friendly Center Barnes & Noble in Greensboro was a rousing success according to store personnel who said it was one of the best signings they've ever had. It went so well, John had to go out to the parking lot and fetch an additional 35 copies from his trunk to supplement the store's stock.

Way to go John! BASK in the feeling of accomplishment and enjoy your reward for a job well done. The Last Spartan is going to provide excellent summer reading for a lot of people.

Monday, June 9, 2008


John Saunders and The Last Spartan are creating quite a buzz in Greensboro. Saunders was on Murphy in the Morning drive-time radio show this morning and had a blast. And the Barnes & Noble stores in Greensboro are consistently sold out of The Last Spartan. This "failure" (if it can be called a failure at all) to have the book in stock bodes well for future sales as demand is high and ongoing. Saunders' signing this coming Thursday at the Friendly Center Barnes & Noble promises to be exciting!

And in a development that is incredibly fortuitous, The Last Spartan is being looked at by a Hollywood producer who heard about Frank Kane from a friend who said the anti-hero would make a great big impression on the big screen, especially if played by The Rock.

Cool stuff.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Prison Awakening

The TV show Prison Break has nothing on Jill Downs' book Awakening of the Heart. Late last week a mom from Florida called and said she had been reading Jill's book over the phone to her son in prison. The son had only five minutes of call time for each call so it was slow going. And he loved the book. So she called and explained that the rules did not allow her to send him a copy but that he could receive a copy directly from the publisher. We were happy to oblige and now feel like there may well be hearts awakening in the state pen in Jacksonville. I'm thinking the moral of the story is, why break out when you can set your heart free from the inside.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Tori Spelling owns a pug. She's also a new mom. And she's also getting a promotional copy of Luella. As Jessica Radzak our editor/promotions director said, "It can't hurt to have a copy of Luella floating around Tinsletown." I'm hoping Tori loves the book so much she'll help us promote it to all her A-list pals.

The Kat's Magic Bubble mailing to hospitals and churches is about ready to go into the mail. If you have any names, any names at all that you think should be on our mailing list, send them in ASAP. This includes friends, relatives, pastors, grief counselors...whomever...send us your poor, your wretched, your huddled masses of addresses.

The Last Spartan is getting some notice on Amazon. Go there and check it out. Leave a review behind.