Monday, September 29, 2008

Complain Your way to Riches?

I've been hearing some complaints about the state of publishing these days. "Too many books being published." "Too much competition" "The quality of contemporary writing is too low." Well, what would you complainers prefer? The old days when only a handful of writers were published? Publishing is a pendulum. We're on the far end of a huge swing in the direction of everyone with a computer can be published. Forget books. It's the Internet, the Web, Blogging. Cell phone publishing. If you want to "be published" start a blog, get your website up. If you want your deathless prose ensconced between the pages of a physical book, fine. Get thee to a POD publisher and have at it. But realize that, "being published" does not mean your book will be bought. As I said in the previous post, if somebody doesn't sell it, it won't be sold. As the MaD Goddess pointed out in her comment on the previous post, just because you "build it" (self publish), they may not come a runnin' with their wallets/checkbooks open and the cash flying magically into your hand. I say, get it out there any way you can and let the customers (readers/viewers/listeners) decide if they want to reward you in some way. Silent praise may be all you get in return for opening your vein and your wallet to "be published." Good luck, have some fun along the way, and, if you must, complain away because complaining is good for the soul, but not necessarily good for the bank balance.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Difference Between Marketing and Selling

Selling a book is different than writing a book. Marketing a book is different than selling a book. Do you know the difference between selling and marketing? Marketing a book is telling someone about it. You can send a flyer to bookstores telling them about the book. This is simple sharing of information. Once you've informed the bookstore manager, buyer, (make sure you're sending the info to the correct person) not the vice president of dingle-berry procurment, then someone has to call on that person and make a sale. It's called closing the sale. "How many copies can we send you?" "Are you interested in buying any copies today?" "If you buy today, we'll knock off the shipping cost." "Just don't hang up...please! Please buy some books from me today. If you don't my wife is going to leave me and move in with the woman she has been having an affair with...please, Please, PLEASE, buy some books from me today!" You know, the subtle approach. Good luck. Remember the difference between marketing and selling and don't go super-depressed if your book doesn't sell. Remember, if nobody sells it, it won't get sold.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Solid SoundBites Blurb

Kathy Kerchner's book got this solid review on Hotel Resource:

A great job of giving the inside scoop I don't know the author, so this is a real review. She's done a wonderful job helping me to understand and work with the media. This book is easy to read, well written and offers sound advice. I've already gotten my money's worth and I'm only half-way through it. If you're looking for a book on dealing with the media - this is the one to get!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Book Soon

Geeze, here it is September already and no posts since way back in August. Larry's gonna be mad. Anyway, we're working hard and long on getting the new book for fall out. Delivered With Pride: A Pictorial History of the Duluth Winnipeg & Pacific Railroad by Jon A. Severson of Esko, Minnesota. John is a working railroad man who puts his shifts in at the Cloquet Transfer Railroad and then spends some free time working on railroad history. This is his first book. 240 pages of period and contemporary photos, historic newspaper accounts of the DW&P and his own current commentary and reporting. It is going to be a doozy. Check it out and tell your friends who are history and/or railroad buffs.